The smile of an environment

Ornamental plants

The smile of an environment

There’s a clear distinction between the ornamental plantsgrown in the ground, and those grown in pots or similar containers. In fact, the problems, the needs and the intrinsic hardiness of garden plants are different from those of plants grown in apartments, even for different varieties of the same species.

The soil should be prepared in advance by digging it and with an adequate fertilization, adapted to the variety of the plant. On a regular basis, the plant should be pruned according to the needs of its species. If the ornamental plant is cultivated in an apartment or on a balcony, it is important to pay constant attention to the needs of the plant, due to the inherent difficulties of these particular environments.

Particular attention should be paid to plant lighting, to humidity and to the temperature of the room.

Each operation of fertilization and pest control must always be made with suitable products, which are not toxic to animals and people who live in the apartment.

Some of the best known plants are:

Grown in the house for flowering