Germano Gardens

Design and furnishing of green spaces

Fifty years of activity, the experience of three generations, 10.000 square meters of crops and an experienced, high-level technical team at the service of those who have a dream and wish to turn it into reality. The Garden, a unique and unrepeatable work, is designed to amaze, surprise and fascinate, it must be cozy, functional and easy to maintain.

Each of our projects always starts with a careful analysis of customer’s needs, demands and desires. We try, at first, to understand what his expectations and his tastes are, trying to best advise him, thanks to our decades-long experience in the industry. The second step is to carefully study the environment and the field where we are making the green space. Nothing is left to chance, every detail is considered beforehand in order to achieve a perfect result. We always try to prevent problems with a careful examination of the morphology of the land, of its strengths and, especially, the critical issues we will encounter during their work

The choice of plants, flowers and materials to be used cannot be left to chance, but must always be made on the basis of a 360-degree view of the project, respecting nature and the environment. It is also important to assess in advance the maintenance and interventions that will be needed in the future to maintain ideal green space, the’ optimal irrigation system, the periodic pruning of plants, mowing and fertilizing. A garden in addition to being beautiful and welcoming you must integrate perfectly into the environment, the end result should be as natural as possible.

Always remember that a green space is a hull that “grow” over time, acquiring ever new shapes and forms.