How to cure our plants

Phytosanitary Treatments

How to cure our plants

Our company has acquired over the years a great deal of experience in dealing with problems caused by parasites, fungi or other infections that can infect plants or your crops.

We have always tried to act with natural methods in full respect of the environment and plants, the use of any specific products is always and anyway linked to a careful analysis of the problems present and the consequences that can derive.

The treatments, even the simplest and apparently less invasive, can made only by skilled and trained staff, in any case before acting alone is good rule ask for advice and guidance to those in the industry for years.

Contact US as well, tell us your case, if you have samples that present the problems (leaves, branches, soil etc.) Bring them and together we will make all the assessments of the case.

Always remember that the misuse of any kind of chemical can eliminate the problem that afflicts your plants but create others that can present in the future both the plants treated and those that surround them.