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Lawns roll

Production and preparation

A lawn turf is a roll of grass, ready to be installed on any ground after a suitable preparation.

To achieve this, a variety of appropriate seed is selected; once the grass is grown, a series of cuts and fertilizations are performed, until the lawn is fully matured.

The optimal result is achieved after about a year. After this period time, the roll of grass is cut, with its roots, and part of the ground is then rolled for easy transport.



In the first phase, we prepare the ground where the lawn will be placed. We remove stones and debris and we mill and fertilize the terrain.

After leveling the ground, we make a wateringand begin to lay the rolls of lawn. In case of necessity, the grass can be cut and shaped to better fit the environment.

In the next 4-5 days, we adequately spray the rolls, in order for the grass to take root. If necessary, we also make a first lawn-mowing.

After about 20 days, we fertilize the terrain.

For your specific requirements, please contact us and we will be happy to advise you.


–The lawn can be laid in a short time and all year round

-The lawn can be safely walked on after only about 4-5 days

-Careful selection of seeds grants a lawn virtually free of weeds, extremely robust and durable